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Nuestra América and the clash of ideologies. What has been the legacy of José Martí?

More than a century ago, José Martí, Cuban writer and revolutionist, published a manifesto of what later on society would depict as a seminal piece of Latin American nationalism. Anchored in the deterrence of European and US expansionism, and the identification of archetypal models, Nuestra América is the epitome of a rising transcendent sentiment, one that rejects external cultural values while recognising and promoting the indigenous features of Latin American countries. Philosophical, yet deeply political, the work of Martí is an omen, a testament and a calling for nationhood and distinctiveness from the colonial powers. Yet, as Nuestra América is portrayed as a formative work that shaped América philosophically, morally and historically, one cannot help but ask, what has truly been the legacy of José Martí, and how relevant are its messages today?

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